Episode #19 – Lyman Stone on COVID-19 – Orientation for stat nerds, Christians and both

Episode #19 - Lyman Stone on COVID-19 - Orientation for stat nerds, Christians and both

As the intro to the pod is in German, here the bilingual counterpart: Our first ever interview. Long ago I have contacted Lyman to talk about – wait for it – Lutheran fertility numbers in the past 4 centuries and their theological and philosophical bases. Because Lyman is a forecaster, an economist and a confessional Lutheran, who is ready to go where the data leads him. As our blog also loves true science, meaning falsifiability, open debate and acknowledgement of the limitations of both ones‘ data and one’s self and free discussion and embracing of axioms, we love having him here. Now, as he has been living in Hong Kong for a while now, he was at the forefront of COVID-19 reporting and analysis, at least in my bubble. We cover, among other things, the Imperial College forecasting, the advantages of social distancing and the use and abuse of lock downs and, last but not least, orientation for Christians and esp. regarding public services.

We are really greateful to him for coming on the show!! Find him at https://twitter.com/lymanstoneky

Here is Lyman’s Handbook for doing Church services under social distancing:


And here an excellent article by Lyman on the role of the Church during plagues:

Christianity Has Been Handling Epidemics for 2000 Years

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